Our Work

We are Meteorite, the team behind the coalitions building a better future.

Civic Alliance

We power the Civic Alliance, a nonpartisan coalition of more than 1,250 companies that strengthens our democracy by encouraging civic participation and supporting safe, accessible and trusted elections.

Health Action Alliance

We conceived and manage the Health Action Alliance, a unique partnership between leading business, communications and public health organizations designed to strengthen the business community’s response to COVID-19 and help employers navigate critical health challenges.

MSD Pledge

We co-created the MSD Pledge, a first-of-its-kind industry call to action to address the most common workplace injury and improve the lives of millions of workers.

The Choose Kindness Project

We designed, organized, and lead an alliance of the nation’s leading nonprofit organizations that collectively champion three major issue areas affecting children and teens today: bullying prevention, intentional inclusion and youth mental wellness.

Together, we can shape the planet.

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