Civic Alliance

The Challenge

In 2020, unprecedented and overlapping crises threatened our democracy and jeopardized access to free and fair elections for millions of Americans.

The Solution

Together with our partners, we created the Civic Alliance to help businesses contribute to a thriving democracy. Civic Alliance member companies stand together in support of fair, transparent elections and safe access to the polls for all Americans. Our 1,250 member companies engage in civic education and adopt workplace policies that make it easier for employees to participate in elections; they actively encourage employees and customers to vote and get involved in other civic activities; and they champion civic resiliency to protect our democracy. Meteorite supports Civic Alliance members with free tools, resources and events to help craft their nonpartisan civic initiatives, communicate with employees and customers about elections and engage with local elections officials to support safe access to the polls. We also offer a Civic Concierge service that provides bespoke coaching and program planning support.

The Impact

The Partners

The Civic Alliance is a joint initiative of CAA Foundation and Democracy Works – in partnership with Meteorite.